September 22, 2018: Rob Amchin

The Wizarding World of Orff Schulwerk
Key Elements of Elemental Style

Energize your year with a fresh start of elemental music making. Sing, play, dance, improvise, and explore the magic of Orff Schulwerk. All materials will be presented through processing, and deconstructing the process to help participants reflect on how materials were presented. Please bring your soprano recorders.

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Orange County Dept. of Education Bldg. A,

Board Room Combo

Rob Amchin’s  books are available at Beatin’ Path Publications. These music teaching resources present activities for the music classroom using the Orff process.  Rob has publications for beginning and intermediate recorders as well as several classic Orff resource books that have songs and activities from around the world that include amazing Orff process lesson plans.

There will be a display of books from Beatin’ Path Publications available at Rob’s workshop on Sept 22. Rob’s latest release has already become a classic, Modal Mosaic – Modal Pieces with Lesson Plans for Orff Classes. You can find more information about all of Rob’s publications at