March 3, 2018: Chapter Sharing

Across the Ages From Tots to Teens

Enhance your Orff approach with or without instruments. Chapter members present lessons that get kids singing, dancing, and playing.  Join us for a potpourri of musical activities that develop musical skills.

Maurice Freleaux will be presenting on ways to incorporate Google Classroom in the music classroom.  Attendees should bring a laptop, iPad, or Chromebook if they wish to take part in this portion of the workshop.

Bev Bullis will be presenting a lesson incorporating hand drums.  Judee Pronovost, will be sharing some engaging and fun folk dances. Mary Dagani is going to present a lesson on Taiko drumming with rhythm sticks and hand drums.  Additionally, there will be a panel discussion covering classroom management in the music classroom.

As usual, please bring your soprano recorder

9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Orange County Dept. of Education Bld
g. D (Rooms 1001-1002),

Board Room Combo